effie can iron your clothes by contacting them and pressing the creases out. This emulates the steam ironing process.


effie can just push steam into your more delicate clothes without touching them, allowing the wrinkles to fall out


effie can dry your items more gently than a tumble dryer. By just moving hot air over the clothes, they are not damaged.


effie can take up to 12 items at once. Simply hang all of your garments up on the exposed rail, and after clicking go, sit back as each item is treated one by one.

Don’t split your loads, don’t separate your colours, just take them straight from the washing machine and let them be dried and ironed.

the magic

The garments are treated with a patent pending pressing system that contacts your clothes to remove the wrinkles. It uses a perfect combination of heat and steam to ensure that it doesn’t burn or damage your clothes, but still leaves them creaseless and ready to wear.


no installation

effie doesn’t need to be plumbed in to use it. Store it in the corner, and easily roll it to where you want to use it.

This means no installation costs, no technicians – just get it home and let it take care of the ironing!


Your clothes need to be loaded onto effie’s specially designed hangers. Each one can adjust to fit the size of the garment, and holds the item in exactly the right configuration to remove all of the creases.

Don’t worry, we’ll supply the hangers with effie of course!


one button

effie has no complicated settings, just click one button to start! It will automatically work out everything it needs to know.


Use effie to dry your delicate clothes that don’t need ironing. Just add them to the drying bag, and run them through the device with the other items.

scented clothes

Add a fragrance pod during a cycle and make your clothes smell fresh if you like. There will be a number of pod smells to choose from.

touch up tool

If you want that perfect crease in your sleeve, no need to take out your iron – just use the handy touch up tool connected to the device.

removable tank

effie only needs water to work, but it doesn’t need to be plumbed in. Just remove the tank, fill it up, slide it back in and it is ready to go.

connected app

Keep en eye on effie’s progress from anywhere, and be alerted when it’s finished. Also order replacement pods and hangers with a click.

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