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saves time

effie is a new domestic appliance that irons your clothes for you. Hang your clothes up straight from the washing machine, click go, look smart. It’s as simple as that, so why beat around the bush.

how it works

hang up to 12 different items of clothing

press start and effie will do the rest

collect your ironed clothes


Life is about balance…and so is inventing

Rohan, what’s your favourite invention?

how 141 bespoke parts came together to form effie

We’ve got some BIG, shiny, sliding news…

What’s Trevor’s favourite invention?

The inspiration behind effie…

We’re taking a trip to the effie factory

There’s been a delivery at effie HQ…

about us

We are a small group of five engineers and an intern, and we think ironing sucks. It takes ages, it’s hard to do well and it’s a waste of time. We don’t want to do it anymore, so we created effie. Now, you won’t have to either.

effie will be the world’s first domestic automated ironing machine and we can’t wait to bring it to you. With 1,000’s of drawings, prototypes, and an electrocution, the evolution of effie has been a journey with more plot twists than Harry Potter. Join us for the next chapter!

©2017 effie


©2017 effie